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Warning!! Your Customers Are Finding Your Competition!

Unless you are number one in the search engines for your service or industry.

smatopplacement 300x100 Local SEOIf that was the case you would not be looking for us!

Dallas Seo or search engine optimization is the most powerful marketing system ever created! When combined with pay per click advertising, Google maps listings, and automated lead follow up systems. Your marketing dollars are simply more effective.

Traditional advertising methods are not as effective as they once were. The internet is rapidly replacing or should I say replaced the Yellow Pages for the place to go to find a company or service. What does all that mean? It means that if you want to continue to generate new customers and leads you will need to adapt to the changing landscape. You will need to invest in your company and build a strong web presence.

Why is search engine optimization or Dallas SEO important?

Dallas seo 300x265 Local SEOSearch engines have complex algorithms to determine how relevant a website is. The job of the search engine is to deliver the most relevant content possible to their user. The job of a SEO Expert is to help the search engines understand exactly what their client’s website is about. If you are a Dentist in Dallas, and you have a website with generic content and your site is not optimized for the local area the search engines are going to pass you by and you will not receive any new customers from your website. However if you target your website to match what the search engines want you will be greatly rewarded with high placements and visibility leading to new customers being able to find your company.

The simple Search Engine Facts are:

  • 73% of all online searches is related to local business
  • 82% of local searchers take immediate action Phone calls-contact us forms
  • 66% of Americans use local search to find businesses in their area (Yellow Pages are being replaced)
  • 41% of search users say they use a location keyword “Dallas Dentist”
  • 70% of search engine users click only on the organic listing

SEO images 300x202 Local SEO

Are Yellow Pages Dead? Can Local SEO Help?

The yellow pages used to be who ever paid for the biggest add got the most customers that theory still applies except it’s whoever invests in their business to be in the top of the search engines gets the most customers. Yes I said invests. Unlike Yellow Pages where as soon as a new book came out you would be gone. Web properties have equity the more you invest on the front end with Dallas SEO the more the more return you will receive in the future. It is a lot easier to maintain a top listing once your there!

With Jing Marketing& Dallas SEO friendly web design our cutting edge SEO tactics your website will rise above your competition and stay there! Jing Marketing is developing cutting edge SEO methodologies for WordPress to give our clients the extra edge that it takes to win online.

“The Most Powerful Marketing System Ever Created”

…Allows YOU to Slash Your Advertising in Half and Increase Sales Simultaneously!

localMarketing 300x243 Local SEO

By Using Online Marketing Systems You Are Able To BOOST Your Offline Sales.

We can show you how – by implementing the worlds most powerful marketing system.  A system that runs on autopilot, attracting more customers and sales to your business, 24 hours a day!

This system works for acquiring new customers as well as making sure your current customers keep coming back to your place of business.

FACT: The Yellow Pages Are Dead!

yellow pages are dead1 300x199 Local SEO

Consumers are finding information in different ways than they did 5 or 10 years ago.  Expensive advertising in newspapers, magazines, television and the yellow pages have become a waste of YOUR advertising dollars.

Every single dollar spent on advertising must be tracked at an ROI level, you absolutely must know the return on investment on every single advertising dollar spent!

FACT: The Internet has experienced EXPLOSIVE growth in the last decade.

Remember the “Internet Bubble” when everything online was ‘On Fire’!  Quite frankly, after that bubble popped, people wondered if the internet would even make it.

Well I am here to tell you:

People Are Spending Their Money On The Internet… RIGHT NOW!

Last year $198 billion was spent online!seoup Local SEO

Here is the stark reality of the situation – if your business is not fully utilizing the internet as a growth strategy, you are very likely lining up the nails for your very own corporate coffin.

At some point soon, someone will come along and do what you, just better and online!  Since most people shop online you will no longer be relevant to them – and they will shop somewhere else.

You will not longer even be competing for that business!

On the Discovery Channel’s acclaimed show “Deadliest Catch” the captains of the crab boats spend 90% of their time finding where the crab are.

Once they find them, they reel them… thousands of pounds of them!

You Get Massive  Sales with Automation!

Simply put, this is where you want to advertise – intelligent advertising is being able to determine:

  • Where your customers are
  • When they are there
  • Then giving them what they want.

Intelligent Advertising Increases Sales!

seoup2 300x231 Local SEO

Not only that, but you can track each and every dollar, you are in complete control.  Remember we are talking about the internet, so you also get overwhelmingly large amounts of data, more than you will ever need – to ensure that the ROI on your advertising is exactly where you want it to be.

Finally… you will know what works and what doesn’t in your advertising!

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