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Need some help promoting your business online?  Then you will most probably need the services of an internet marketer who will make sure you get your internet marketing strategy right the first time, instead of doing it following the hit and miss method by yourself. If you decide to get the services of an internet marketer then be prepared to sign an internet marketing agreement to keep everything official and in black and white.
While most people go into an internet marketing agreement verbally, it would be to the advantage of both parties if an internet marketing agreement is signed, so they will know what is expected from each one of the parties. The agreement serves as a written guide as to what should be done, at what cost, and for how long.


Marketing has come a long way from its early beginnings as a mere word of mouth method of promoting products and services. It has levelled up, and now makes use of the internet to promote business not only to a specific location but sometimes even to the whole world. The world has become so connected through the internet that it is possible to sell products to various consumers in different locations all at one time.


But how does one do it? This is where the function and the services of an internet marketer become significant. Marketing is an all-encompassing term with the end-goal of putting your business within the reach of potential customers. He services rendered under an internet marketing agreement can range from pricing, packaging, sales, distribution and even public relations, depending on the agreement. This is why it is important to put into writing the specific results expected by both parties in an internet marketing agreement.

What to expect from an internet marketing agreement?

It is important that you know what to expect and what to look for in a contract before you sign an internet marketing agreement. No matter how you call it, this agreement is really a contract between two or more parties, with stipulations on what one party should do in exchange for what the other party must pay for.

Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself, better yet your lawyer or the other party, before you sign an internet marketing agreement:

Are the parties to the contract clear?

The internet marketing agreement should clearly indicate which parties are involved and the capacity of each party in entering the agreement. In the case of the internet marketer, his expertise as an internet marketer should be clear and if possible the office or business being represented. On the other hand, the capacity of the other party hiring the services of the internet marketer should likewise be clearly stipulated. And if there are other parties to the internet marketing agreement, then their roles should also be clearly stipulated or indicated.

Is the agreement clearly written?

The simpler the internet marketing agreement is, the better for both parties. Simplicity here means both parties are able to tell what is expected of them during the duration of the agreement like the services to be rendered, the duration and the expected payment for the work completed. If the agreement sounds so complicated that both parties need to consult a lawyer then you may want to think again before signing on the dotted line.

Are the methods clear?


If you have agreed on specific methods or strategies to be implemented for the internet marketing agreement like perhaps website design, email marketing and other methods, then you might want this clearly indicated in the internet marketing agreement to avoid misunderstanding later on.


Is the agreement binding?


Online transactions are so prevalent these days that you may even be handling your internet marketing agreement through email. And if you are asking if this is binding then the answer is yes provided all the requisites of the contract or the agreement are present including the agreement of both parties. For as long as there is an offer and an email from the other party accepting the terms of the internet marketing agreement, then the contract is binding for both parties, even if there is no signature involved. And if you’re still in doubt, then check out the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act signed in June 2000.


This should warn you to be more careful when you merely intend to negotiate the terms without really accepting the terms and agreeing into a contract.


Is the price right?


The usual bone of contention between the parties to an internet marketing contract is the price. It is important that both parties stipulate the price to be paid in total for the whole project. Better yet, a price corresponding for each milestone should also be indicated in the contract to make sure that if the other party rescinds or both parties agree not go on with the remaining work to be done, then a corresponding price is stipulated for the work completed.


Is the time doable?


Internet marketing usually takes time but it would be ideal to put some stipulation as to when both parties expect to complete the project. There should also be an allowance in the timeframe in case some emergency comes up or if the earlier phase of the internet marketing agreement takes some time to accomplish.


Is the agreement acceptable to both parties?


Perhaps, the final question that both parties should ask before they sign an internet marketing agreement is whether or not all the agreements set in the contract are acceptable to them. Otherwise, this would signal a problem even in the early stages of the agreement. If both parties are satisfied as to what they will be getting from the agreement, then you can expect everything to start just right.


Never enter into an internet marketing agreement if you are not sure what you are getting into and what you will be getting out of it. Entering into an agreement can be an additional expense for your business so you should make sure that you have everything in order from the price, timeframe and the expected output before you sign on the dotted line.

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