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You may have the best-designed website in your niche but if you are not getting enough conversions to keep the business going then it might be time to give your website a second look. Conversions is actually one the biggest challenges faced by many businesses that have gone online in the hope of attracting their target market using the most cost effective way possible.

Internet marketers sometimes get too focused on improving traffic and achieving higher search rankings, they forget the most important thing for any business endeavor and that is a high conversion rate. Undoubtedly, you need to increase your site visitors or traffic to get more potential customers. But there is also no argument that it is better to get half of your existing traffic with a higher conversion rate than getting double the traffic with lesser conversion rate. Simply speaking, any online entrepreneur would be delighted having 100,000 visitors per month with half of them buying goods and services than having 200,000 visitors per month with only a 10 percent conversion rate.

But how can one achieve this feat?

Just like the proverbial soup, there are many factors to consider before you can achieve a higher conversion rate. There are many ingredients you need to put in your wok to make sure that your visitors stay long enough in your site to be able to purchase what you are offering, or even just sign up to try for free any of the products or services you are offering.

One of the glaring reasons why users hit the back button is lack of trust and not finding what he is looking for in your site. Once your visitor makes an assessment and decides that your website does not offer what he is looking for, then you have lost a potential conversion.

While working on that trust, you also need to work on the following ingredients to make sure that you can generate the highest conversion possible:

1. Website design

While you do not need to create a flashy website with all the whistles and bells, you should make sure that you have a pleasant enough site which will give your visitors a chance to surf the site efficiently and convert them into paying customers. A decent website layout is enough but it should have accurate content and easy-to-navigate functions. Avoid websites with heavy graphics which take more time to open as it turns off visitors easily. The font type and color should also be easy to read and contrasts well with the background. It is also important to place a strong call to action, ads or banners in every page of the site to encourage visitors to check their options.

2. Trust logo

You may think of it as part of design but the logo you place on your website can establish trust between you and your visitors and can influence your sales. Trust is an important factor for shoppers especially when it comes to business. Your logo may not be that of a fortune 500 company but it should show your visitors and potential customers that they are dealing with a professional business entity and not a fly-by-night one. The best place to put your symbol of trust is near your header and logo. Having the Better Business Bureau logo for those who do business in the United States or the Chamber of Commerce logo for specific areas would add credibility and trust factor to the site. If your business belongs to an association with a large membership then the logo of that association would benefit the site.

3. Good Content

Your website should not only have content, but good content that makes use of keywords for purposes of search engine optimization. But more than anything else, you should put informative content on your site that will aid your readers into making a decision regarding the products or services they need. Visitors easily get discouraged when faced with skimpy content that does not make sense so you lose the chance of conversion. The content need not be very wordy but it should be easy on the eye and provides at least an outline or subtitles of important topics. Just show your readers what you are driving at and get to the point!

4. Safe and fast Payment

A lot of visitors would have become conversion but most websites lose them because of hitches and difficulties in the payment methods in their websites. Show your visitors and buyers that their credit and other information is safe with them through the placement of icons for PayPal or Verisign. Buyers are usually hesitant about making a purchase when they doubt the security of the website they are doing business with. Do not let your customers assume that their payments are safe with you, but tell them that their payments are processed in a safe manner. The use of these icons alone will encourage confidence in your website. Avoid long checkouts when it comes to payments because you stand to lose your potential buyer when he gets bored or pressed for time trying to wait for his transaction to go through.

5. Contact details

Assuring your buyers that their information is safe with your website is not enough. Make sure you make your contact details including your phone number are visible by putting them in highly visible areas such as the top right side of the page. This will assure your buyers that it will be easy to contact you in case something becomes amiss or if they need some after sales service or just need to talk to someone about the product or service later on.

Getting visitors to check out your site already took some effort on your part. Take every opportunity to hold on to your visitors and to get more conversions once they are already at your site. By checking out these five factors you will have more chances of getting conversions once you get the traffic in.

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