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Jing Marketing is a premier online marketing services and consulting company. 

What is Jing?

Jing is a term used in Kung Fu and Chinese Medicine, at its basic translation it means essence or kidney essence. According to Chinese Medicine, Jing is stored in the kidneys and the kidneys is where life force begins, is nourished, and fueled.

At Jing Marketing we deliver the basic life force and nourishment to our clients business in the form of online marketing. We strive to provide proven systems that allow smart but overwhelmed business owners the ability  to capitalize on the constantly changing online environment.

We dedicate our time and focus to removing the myths and hocus pocus that business owners believe is involved with internet marketing while staying on top of the industry.

Just as Kung Fu, SEO and marketing are disciplines that must be practiced day in and day out with the knowing that your efforts will be rewarded in time.To many times in this digital world companies fail right before they are about to take off especially with SEO efforts. In this day and age of instantaneous gratification so many people fall in to the trap of quick and easy. If something requires long term efforts we have been trained to quit and look for the faster easier way. If you are looking for the fast and easy magic bullet that will solve all your business issues then keep looking we are not for you. However if you are looking to build a long term sustainable business with a strong and powerful online presence then we may be a good fit.

Jing Marketing has proven systems that work and last through the test of the almighty Google Gods. This is not something special or a secret weapon that we developed, it is just the daily discipline of following the guidelines that Google, Yahoo and Bing have laid out before us all. The secret is we do it better than your competition ever dreamed of. That is why at Jing Marketing we take a educational approach with our clients & customers that allows them to understand the value that internet marketing will deliver for their business. We are not afraid of giving away trade secrets. They are already public knowledge.

Our future clients are now leading a life of frustration and pain trying to protect their hard earned money from fly by night overpriced design firm that only look at them as fresh meat. Jing Marketing is dedicated to delivering results and ending the pain and suffering!

As part of our commitment to the education of our clients and customers Jing Marketing also provides in depth video trainings on all aspects of internet marketing, custom software that aids in SEO and link building.

We strive to have a long lasting positive impact on our community by empowering individuals and business owners to know and understand how to succeed online and take advantage of the leverage points that technology and the Internet provide. If this is something that resonates with you or your company please reach out and contact us with a phone call (972) 693-1600 or a contact submission form.